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Golden Visa

The UAE Golden Visa is a prestigious residency program was introduced in 2019 as part of the UAE government’s efforts to attract high-net-worth individuals, investors, entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals to contribute to the country’s economic growth and development. This program allows individuals to obtain a long-term residency permit in the UAE, providing them with the opportunity to live, work, and invest in the country for an extended period.The program offers a pathway to obtain residency in the UAE for up to 10 years, depending on the category of eligibility, and can be renewed thereafter.

Benefits of Golden Visa

Popular Golden Visa Categories

Golden Visa for Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investors who have a property worth AED 2 Million or more.
Golden Visa for Real Estate Investors

Golden Visa for Commercial Investors

Commercial Investors whose capital is not less than AED 2 Million.

Golden Visa for Commercial Investors

Golden Visa for Investors in Public Investments

Investors who have a bank deposit of AED 2 Million.

Golden Visa for Investors in Public Investments

Golden Visa for Managers & Directors

Salary starting from AED 30K monthly.

Golden Visa for Managers & Directors

Navigating the complexities of obtaining the UAE Golden Visa can be a daunting task. That’s where PanaceaBiz comes in. Our team of experts has a strong on-the-ground presence in the UAE, allowing us to provide unparalleled guidance and support throughout the entire Golden Visa application process.

PanaceaBiz Is Your Trusted Partner in Securing the UAE Golden Visa

Other popular types of Visas

Investor/Partner Visa

Employee Visa

Family Visa

Freelance Visa

Tourist Visa (30, 60 & 90 Days)

Saudi Visit Visa (Multiple Entry)

PRO Services

The legal or government documents and paperwork process related activities are called PRO services. Public Relations Officer (PRO) is a government liaison who processes the government documents, legal papers and related documentation works associated with company.

Navigating government procedures and documentation requirements can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Our PRO services simplify these processes, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. From Company Formation, visa assistance and immigration services to document attestation and translation, we handle all administrative tasks with efficiency and professionalism.

Additionally, our corporate pro services adequately understand the government procedural structures, ensuring our clients have up-to-date awareness of ongoing and upcoming changes in Dubai’s business regulations and policies and initiatives.We work closely with the government officials and ministries to speed up the PRO activities.

We provide all PRO Services that is necessary for smooth operations of your Company.

Benefits of Hiring PRO Services in Dubai



Popular PRO Services

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

A Company’s Bookkeeping & Accountancy are crucial to its proper functioning, giving a summary of the organization’s performance. Managing financial data, ensuring its accuracy, and making sure that reports are error-free help companies make better revenue forecasts. To maintain financial records at the end of a year or quarter, it is essential to have an organized bookkeeping and accounting process for your business. We provide high quality bookkeeping and accounting services including weekly, monthly, quarterly, and daily accounting, Reconciliation of accounts, MIS Reporting, Preparation of Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Statement of Profit or Loss and Cash Flows) and ensuring accounting compliances with the regulations.

Value Added Tax (VAT) Services

VAT is imposed on the supply of Goods and Services at each stage of production and distribution at a rate of 5% in UAE. Business owners in UAE need to get their companies registered under the VAT with taxable supplies worth AED 375,000 & above. We can help the businesses with their VAT registrations, submission of VAT returns & reconciliations on a timely basis to ensure business owners with effective tax planning which will help the entrepreneurs to control the tax outflow and manage working capital.

Corporate Tax Services

The introduction of Corporate Tax in the UAE is likely to transform the country’s regulatory landscape.The corporate tax is effective in UAE from 1st June 2023 onwards at a rate of 9%. All the businesses that are taxable person as per regulation are required to be registered under the Corporate Tax with FTA. Our corporate tax compliance services include registration of businesses for corporate tax (applying for Tax Registration Number) with the Federal Tax Authority , deregistration of tax registration number and preparation & filing of the tax returns.
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